Prepping Your Senior for Summer Emergency Weather

Prepping Your Senior for Summer Emergency Weather

 April 24, 2019

Senior Care in Fox Chapel PA: Summer Emergency Weather

Emergency weather doesn’t take the summer off, unfortunately.
The more prepared your senior is, the better. Having an emergency plan and an emergency kit can ensure that she’s ready for just about anything that summer emergencies can throw her way.


What Are the Emergencies in Your Senior’s Area?

Different parts of the country experience different types of emergencies. Some areas experience flooding while others are more likely to have issues with thunderstorms and tornados. If your elderly family member lives in an area in which power frequently goes out, that’s also important to know. Get as familiar as you can with the different types of situations that can constitute an emergency for your senior because that’s going to be the focus of your emergency plan.


Put Together an Emergency Plan

Next, it’s time to start a plan. Your senior may need to evacuate if her power goes out, for instance, or if tornadoes are an issue. Get to know the different emergency shelters around your senior and determine what needs to happen in the case of different types of emergency situations.


Gather Supplies for an Emergency Kit

The next thing you’ll need is an emergency kit. You might even have more than one depending on the different emergencies for which you’re planning. A weather radio, batteries, and enough food and water for a day or so is a good start. Your senior may also need medications for a couple of days, a change of clothing, and a medical kit. Flashlights, spare hearing aid batteries, and a list of emergency numbers are also good ideas. Your senior’s emergency kit might be something you’re constantly improving on as you do more research.


Make the Plan and the Kit Easy to Access

Once you’ve got the beginnings of your plan and kit in place, you need to make sure that anyone who helps your senior can access them easily. Let elder care providers know where the emergency plan is and keep the kit in a location that is easy to get to in a rush. Elder care providers can also help you to brainstorm additional items for your senior’s emergency kit.

If you’re not sure what you should put into an emergency plan or kit for your senior, you have some sources for information. Your local health department, local agencies that help the elderly, and even your senior’s doctor can all help you to narrow down what you need to include.


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