Homecare: Diabetes Symptoms Family Caregivers Need to Know About

Homecare: Diabetes Symptoms Family Caregivers Need to Know About

 January 7, 2022

Homecare in Bloomfield PA: Diabetes

Homecare: Are you helping out your elderly loved one with regular tasks, remembering to take their medications, or with any other parts of their health?

If so, one thing that you may want to do is to also keep an eye out for any diabetes symptoms. There are numerous complications that can occur if someone has diabetes, and it goes untreated. If you can’t be around often enough to look for these symptoms, you can get homecare providers to do it.

Excessive Thirst and Urination

One of the symptoms that you should look for is excessive thirst and urination. Of course, if someone is drinking a lot more than usual, they are going to urinate more often. However, your elderly loved one should not be thirsty all the time. Drinking a glass of water, for example, should satisfy their thirst for a while. In addition, when someone has diabetes, their kidneys can’t properly absorb sugar, so the urine needs to take it out of the body more often. If you or a senior care provider notice your elderly loved one is drinking a lot more than usual or urinating more than normal, you should make sure they have this checked out by a doctor.

Worsening Vision

Sure, there are many senior citizens who struggle with vision loss. Some extent of vision loss can be related to the aging process. However, if someone has diabetes, they may experience worsening vision, as well. The main cause of this is high blood sugar. When someone’s blood sugar is high, it can take fluid away from their eyes, leading to blurry vision. If this condition isn’t treated promptly, they could have permanent vision loss. If your elderly loved one is already experiencing some vision loss, be sure they see a doctor about it as soon as possible.

Slow-Healing Wounds

Does your elderly loved one have wounds that heal very slowly? If so, it is crucial to have them see a doctor about this. There could be numerous things going on, including diabetes. Not only that, but the longer a wound is open, the higher the risk there is for an infection. If you are working a lot or have other things going on, you can have a home care provider get your elderly loved one to their appointment.

Homecare: Conclusion

These are some of the diabetes symptoms that all family caregivers need to know about. If your elderly loved one displays any symptom noted above, be sure you or a homecare provider get them to their doctor soon to have it checked out. If it is caused by diabetes, the sooner your elderly loved one gets treatment, the better it will be for them.

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