Caregiver Health: 3 Ways Caregivers Can Fight Burnout

 October 15, 2021

Caregiver Health: Caregiver Burnout

Caregiver Health: Emotional Wellness Month means you should take time to focus on preventing caregiver burnout which can be tough emotionally and physically.

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Home Care Services: How to Remind Your Elderly Loved One to Take Medications

 October 8, 2021

Home Care Services: Medicine Reminders

Home Care Services: Does your elderly loved one forget to take their medication? If so, you and home care assistance providers can help by giving reminders

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Elder Care: Tips to Help Family Caregivers Stay Healthy and Happy

 October 1, 2021

Elder Care in Edgewood PA: Happiness

Elder Care: As a family caregiver, there will be times when you are feeling overwhelmed. It is completely normal to allow yourself to feel those feelings.

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Elder Care: Keep Your Parents From Getting Scammed When Shopping Online

 September 23, 2021

Elder Care in Shadyside PA: Online Scams

Elder Care: During and after the pandemic, more people turned to online shopping to get the items they needed. During 2020, online sales climbed well over $4 trillion and saw more than 2 billion online shoppers. Your parents are likely shopping for items online. While online shopping is convenient, there  »

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Homecare: Should Seniors Go to Therapy?

 September 17, 2021

Homecare in Shadyside PA: Therapy

Homecare: Many people think that therapy is for young individuals who need help, but you may not know that many older adults can benefit from therapy.

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Senior Care: Four Health Benefits of Chicken for Your Senior

 September 10, 2021

Senior Care in Squirrel Hill PA: Food Tips

Senior Care: Is your senior eating enough chicken? National Chicken Month every September is a good time to take inventory, for excellent reasons

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Homecare: Disaster Preparation For Seniors Aging At Home

 September 3, 2021

Homecare in Pittsburgh PA: Emergency Preparedness

Homecare: Each year the number of storms or disasters in the US is increasing. Seniors can be hit hard by disasters as they may not be able to evacuate.

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Home Care: Six Examples of Situations When 24-Hour Home Care Makes a Difference

 August 27, 2021

Home Health Care in Greentree PA: Home Care

Home Care: Have you ever thought about the different ways 24-hour home care can make a difference in your parents’ lives? Here are six situations when caregivers are helpful.

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Homecare: Four Ways Homecare Aides Help at Dinner Time

 August 20, 2021

Homecare in Sewickley PA

Homecare: It’s estimated that half of all seniors are malnourished. This doesn’t mean your parents aren’t eating enough. Homecare Aides can help with their diet.

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Caregiver Tips: How to Tell Your Senior They Need to Bathe More

 August 13, 2021

Caregiver Tips: Bathing

Caregiver Tips: It is a well-known fact that senior citizens tend to be health-conscious and may even be a little more hygienic than the average person.

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Senior Health: How Seniors Can Get Better Sleep

 August 4, 2021

Senior Health: Sleep Tips

Senior Health: Seniors often struggle to get the rest they need. Some estimates are that up to 48% of seniors experience insomnia or have sleep problems.

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Senior Care Tips: Tips for Feeding Your Elderly Loved One if They Have Parkinson’s

 July 31, 2021

Senior Care Tips: Parkinson’s Feeding Tips

Senior Care Tips: Does your elderly loved one have Parkinson’s Disease? If so, you may already have noticed they have trouble eating.

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Home Care Services: How To Talk To A Senior Parent About Personal Care

 July 22, 2021

Home Care Services

Home Care Services: It’s always awkward to talk to your senior about issues regarding their care. There are some times when that conversation becomes necessary.

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Home Care: Three Steps to Choosing the Best Home Care Option for an Aging Loved One

 July 16, 2021

Home Care: Home Care Options

Home Care: You have decided on home care. If the home care is for an aging parent or another loved one, always make sure to include them in the process.

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Senior Nutrition: Boost Fiber Intake With Beans

 July 9, 2021

Caregiver in Pittsburgh PA: Senior Nutrition

Senior Nutrition: The ideal amount of daily fiber is around 30 grams. Yet, the majority of adults only get half of that. July is National Baked Beans Month.

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Alzheimer’s: As a Caregiver for Someone with Alzheimer’s, You Need Downtime, Too

 July 2, 2021

Caregiver in South Side PA: Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s: Supporting somebody who has Alzheimer’s is difficult. It can feel overwhelming. Maybe at first your spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent, or other family member or close friend didn’t seem like they needed that much help. Yet, as the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s progress, your work as a caregiver can  »

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Senior Health: Keep Your Parents Active Even When It’s Hot Outside

 June 25, 2021

Senior Health

Senior Health: If your mom and dad live in an area where the summers do get extremely hot, they need to be careful with outdoor activities.

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Heart Attack: What Are the Symptoms of Heart Attack for Women?

 June 17, 2021

Home Care Services in Squirrel Hill PA: Heart Attack

Heart Attack: Knowing the signs of a heart attack in women might help your senior to get help faster if she has one. The symptoms for women are different than men.

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When Your Father Is Getting Aggressive Due to Alzheimer’s and It’s Too Much for You to Handle, Elder Care Is Just a Call Away

 June 10, 2021

Elderly Care in Greentree PA: Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s can affect many aspects of a person’s life. If your father has been exhibiting any signs such as aggression, then it’s time to take charge.

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Heart Health Hacks for the Elderly

 June 3, 2021

Heart Health

Heart Health: When people are younger, they don’t feel anything could go wrong with their hearts. They have tons of energy and in general, are quite healthy.

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Family Caregiver: How to Have a Life as a Family Caregiver

 May 28, 2021

Caregiver in Squirrel Hill PA: Family Caregiver

Family Caregiver: Being a family caregiver can come with a downside. Most spend so much time caring for their seniors that they give up their personal lives.

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Senior Care Conversations: The Way You Bring Up Senior Care Topics with an Aging Loved One Can Dictate How the Conversation Goes

 May 18, 2021

Senior Care in Sewickley PA: Senior Care Conversations

Senior Care Conversations: Did you know that the way you talk about something can impact how the conversation goes? It may not be the topic, but the tone.

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Symptoms Your Elderly Loved One Should Never Ignore

 May 14, 2021

Homecare in Sewickley PA: Symptoms

Symptoms: In taking care of your health, one needs to focus on what their body is telling them. Some people ignore symptoms thinking it is nothing serious.

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Ways to Help Your Elderly Loved One with Spring Cleaning – Paperwork Style

 May 7, 2021

Elderly Care in Fox Chapel PA: Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Spring is here and it is time to get spring cleaning which your elderly loved one might need help with.

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Senior Care Tips: How Can You Provide Excellent Care Every Day for Your Elderly Loved One?

 April 29, 2021

Home Care in Greentree, PA: Home Care

Senior Care Tips: When becoming a family caregiver for an elderly person, things can be tough for a while.

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Knee Pain: Six Reasons for Knee Pain and What to Do About It

 April 23, 2021

Senior Care in Sewickley PA: Knee Pain

Knee Pain: Your mom complains that her knee hurts. It’s affecting how far she walks during your daily outings.

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How Can You Help Your Elderly Loved One Improve Their Mornings?

 April 17, 2021

Home Health Care in Oakland PA: Senior Moods

Senior Moods: Some people say that the morning is the most important time of the day.

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Home Care: Can Knitting Be Beneficial for Senior Citizens?

 April 9, 2021

Homecare in Pittsburgh PA: Home Care

Home Care: There are many different hobbies that your senior could do. You might think that they should take up drawing, walking, painting, or other things.

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Respite Care: Running Out of Patience? It’s Time for Respite Care

 April 2, 2021

Respite Care: Senior Care in Sewickley PA: Respite Care

Respite Care: A 2020 report on unpaid caregiving found that there are 53 million adults providing care in the U.S.

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Dementia: Would Dance Movement Therapy Help Someone with Dementia?

 March 26, 2021

Elderly Care in Pittsburgh PA: Dementia

Dementia: Many experts are using dance movement therapy as a holistic option for people who have dementia and other types of health issues.

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Elderly Care – Using 6 Daily Activities to Determine if Your Parent Needs Additional Assistance

 March 18, 2021

Elderly Care in South Side PA: Elderly Care

Elderly Care in South Side PA: Determine if your Senior is in need of Elderly Care Assistance

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Best Emotional Well-Being Tips for the Elderly

 March 12, 2021

Home Care Services in Bloomfield PA: Senior Mental Health

Home Care Services in Bloomfield PA: A person’s well-being is so important. It helps to hold their entire life together. From finances to emotions to relationships – well-being affects everything we do.

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What To Do If Grandma Stops Eating

 March 4, 2021

Caregiver in Edgewood PA: Senior Appetite

Caregiver in Edgewood PA: Have you noticed that your mother or grandmother has lost weight? Does she never seem to eat a complete meal?

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Life Factors That Can Help to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

 February 24, 2021

Senior Care in Shadyside PA: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Tips

Senior Care in Shadyside PA: If you are going to help your elderly loved one improve their health, there are many tips to help you do this.

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How Can You Tell if Your Elderly Loved One is Stressed?

 February 18, 2021

Home Care in South Side PA: Senior Stress

Home Care in South Side PA: Life is different these days than it was back when your elderly loved one was a kid. Yes, people didn’t make as much money back then, but life was simpler in so many ways.

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Helping Your Parent Avoid Fraud on Social Media

 February 10, 2021

Senior Care in Pittsburgh PA: Social Media Fraud

Senior Care in Pittsburgh PA: Once considered something for only the young, social media sites have become a very popular place for the elderly to connect with family and friends.

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The Symptoms of Lung Cancer

 February 3, 2021

Home Care Services in Sewickley PA: Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Home Care Services in Sewickley PA: Despite the number of cigarette smokers dropping in the last couple of decades, lung cancer is still one of the most common types of cancer and accounts for 25 percent of cancer deaths.

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New Activities For Your Parent To Try This Winter

 January 29, 2021

Home Care in South Side PA: New Winter Activities

Home Care in South Side PA: Those gray winter days got your parent feeling a bit in a rut? This month might be a great time for him to look into trying a completely new activity to keep his body, mind, and heart active.

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What Do You Need to Know about Falls as a Family Caregiver?

 January 22, 2021

Homecare in in South Side PA: Senior Falls

Homecare in South Side PA: Lots of people want to believe that falls are just a normal part of aging, but that’s not true.

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Is There Really Any Help Available?

 January 14, 2021

Home Care in Shadyside PA: Any Help Available

Home Care in Shadyside PA: If you’re new to caregiving, you may feel as if you’re completely on your own.

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Why Should Your Senior Consider Swimming?

 January 8, 2021

Elderly Care in Fox Chapel PA: Should Your Senior Consider Swimming

Elderly Care in Fox Chapel PA: If your elderly family member is ready to start exercising, swimming might be the right choice for her.

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The Keys To Setting Successful Goals For Your Aging Parent

 December 18, 2020

Home Health Care in Sewickley PA: Keys to Successful Goal Setting

Home Health Care in Sewickley PA: Maybe you and your parent have been discussing setting up some goals for him to work toward in 2021.

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What Family Caregivers Should Know About Seating for Seniors

 December 11, 2020

Elder Care in Greentree PA: Senior Seating

Elder Care in Greentree PA: Many people don’t realize that seating is very important for seniors’ independence, comfort, safety and ability to function.

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Tips to Help Your Elderly Loved One Prevent Hospital Stays

 December 3, 2020

Senior Care in Edgewood PA: Prevent Hospital Stays

Senior Care in Edgewood PA: Are you worried that your elderly loved one is going to end up in the hospital?

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Keeping Seniors Safe When It’s Slippery Outside

 November 27, 2020

Elder Care in Sewickley PA: Keeping Seniors Safe

Elder Care in Sewickley PA: No matter where you live in the United States, winter brings new changes to the outside environment around you.

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How to combat loneliness for your senior parent

 November 24, 2020

Home Care in Oakland PA: combat loneliness

Home Care in Oakland PA: Many seniors have long-since made the decision that they want to live in their home as long as they can.

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What’s the Key Difference Between Home Care and Hospice?

 November 11, 2020

Homecare in Bloomfield PA: Home Care and Hospice Difference

Homecare in Bloomfield PA: November is National Home Care and Hospice Month and a lot of people may have heard about home care as well as hospice, but they might not know very much about either one

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Planning Helps Family Caregivers Have Time to Relax

 November 4, 2020

Home Health Care in Shadyside PA: Caregiver Respite

Home Health Care in Shadyside PA: Caring for aging parents takes time and energy. If you’re balancing a job, your own household, and your parents’ care, it starts to feel overwhelming.

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The Importance of Senior Foot Care

 October 30, 2020

Elder Care in Pittsburgh PA: Foot Care Importance

Elder Care in Pittsburgh PA: Regular foot care for seniors is extremely important for their health and wellbeing — especially if they have cardiovascular disease, diabetes or other conditions that impair circulation to the lower legs.

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Making the Best Home Care Decision for Your Elderly Loved One

 October 7, 2020

Caregiver in Bloomfield PA: Making the Best Home Care Decision

Caregiver in Bloomfield PA: If you are in charge of the care that your elderly loved one needs, there are many things that you may need to do. It is best to stay as organized as you can when creating the care plan for your loved one.

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